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Curse pigeons

Winter is well and truly with us.  We had snow in November for goodness sake.  I don’t have many dealings with the garden these days as it’s dark when I go to work and dark when I come home. But … Continue reading

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For the record

Like I said in an earlier post, we’re not even sure if the garden will support vegetables through the winter.  For the purposes of future comparison I’ve taken an image of each bed.

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Our first plants go in

Mr F and JZ spent much of the day with their nana and pop, meaning the missus and myself were able to dash out to Finchley Nurseries garden centre and then to get some plants into the ground.     … Continue reading

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Some winter planting

We’ve got the piles of horse manure into the raised beds.  We had two tons of it delivered by lorry, which had to park down our busy road because of the bollards.  I had an audience of three toddlers and … Continue reading

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What’s the point of growing veg?

Really, what is the point?  In the past we’ve loved and nurtured tomatoes through months, only for them to fail to ripen. I don’t like growing tomatoes, let me establish right now.  We keep growing them because people keep giving … Continue reading

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Vegetables everywhere

My colleague just saw the title of this post over my shoulder and had a go at me for being un-pc, presumably thinking I was writing about people in the office. That would be the subject of another, very depressing, … Continue reading

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What kind of garden do we want?

So, our first thoughts for the garden, guided by the wisdom of gardening books, was that we should have a lawn, with beds alongside, an area for the kids to play in and an area for growing vegetables. But we’ve … Continue reading

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