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Yesterday I dug out the first usable compost from our compost heap. It may look run of the mill to you, but to me it was a revelation. Anyhow, it’s something to be out and working in the garden: it’s … Continue reading

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Here’s what we’ve learned

So,  we’ve learned a lot.  Gardening books, it turns out, are just the slightly more practical wing of the grand conspiracy to make us believe we can have it all, with minimal effort and it’s all just fabulous.  Being a … Continue reading

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First supper

We had our first proper meal from the garden.  This is the haul that became dinner: Courgettes, pak choi, mizuna and lettuce. We had the courgette flowers stuffed with mozarella, basil and sun dried tomatoes and then fried in light … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news

So, good news, spring has felt like summer and we’ve treated it accordingly: barbeques, lazy afternoons and even the paddling pool.  But, bad news: we need rain.  Our clay soil is hardened, fissured and impermeable as stone: And more bad … Continue reading

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Spring planting

It’s the most glorious April ever and feels more like summer than spring.  As a result our raised beds (and the weeds) are taking off.  Among the early successes are peas, kai lan, purple brocolli, chard, purple cauliflower, courgettes and … Continue reading

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Planting out our Jerusalem artichokes

JZ and Mr F gave able assistance in planting out our first Jerusalem artichokes. The mound of clay soil behind JZ looks a mess, but is in fact a piece of garden landscaping.  I have in mind a garden of … Continue reading

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After the thaw

The snow which blanketed London for a fortnight has gone, along with our parade of Christmas guests.  Mr F and JZ took granny and their mum to see the Snowman, giving me the first chance in a long time to … Continue reading

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