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A plan comes together

So, the plan was to make a garden that weaves together a playground, vegetable garden, somewhere to relax and, ideally, something that looks good.  Still working on that last one – the structure is in, but big areas like the … Continue reading

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Autumn draws near

It’s begining to feel distinctively autumnal and the garden is in its last period of fruitfulness.  Here’s some of that:

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Summer fun

Despite the wet July, it’s been a summer of fun in the garden.  A few old friends have made it round and we’ve been establishing new friends locally.  Here’s Mr F and then JZ. And some scenes from our barbeques:

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Good news, bad news

So, good news, spring has felt like summer and we’ve treated it accordingly: barbeques, lazy afternoons and even the paddling pool.  But, bad news: we need rain.  Our clay soil is hardened, fissured and impermeable as stone: And more bad … Continue reading

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Spring is coming

We’ve worn tracks in the lawn with our enthusiastic to-ing and fro-ing, getting the garden ready for spring.  The missus has shredded pretty much all of the teetering pile of branches from the pear tree, and I built a compost … Continue reading

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After the thaw

The snow which blanketed London for a fortnight has gone, along with our parade of Christmas guests.  Mr F and JZ took granny and their mum to see the Snowman, giving me the first chance in a long time to … Continue reading

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Snow business

Not much gardening, and though the wrangling two toddlers (including one who is very dubious about snow) hasn’t been much fun, the garden has been picture perfect for Christmas:

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