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The lazy guide to gardening

It’s proving difficult to be a hands-on gardener with two young children, so we took the approach of throwing money at the problem and got someone in to make progress for us.  Having built our first deck myself, it was … Continue reading

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Autumn draws near

It’s begining to feel distinctively autumnal and the garden is in its last period of fruitfulness.  Here’s some of that:

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Spring planting

It’s the most glorious April ever and feels more like summer than spring.  As a result our raised beds (and the weeds) are taking off.  Among the early successes are peas, kai lan, purple brocolli, chard, purple cauliflower, courgettes and … Continue reading

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Our new trees are coming

We’ve ordered an apple espalier, a pear espalier and a mulberry tree.  The apple and pear are slated to go in along the south-west facing wall, but now I’m fretting about this. Will it get enough sunshine?  Once the arbour … Continue reading

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For the record

Like I said in an earlier post, we’re not even sure if the garden will support vegetables through the winter.  For the purposes of future comparison I’ve taken an image of each bed.

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Our first plants go in

Mr F and JZ spent much of the day with their nana and pop, meaning the missus and myself were able to dash out to Finchley Nurseries garden centre and then to get some plants into the ground.     … Continue reading

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Espalier confusion

The thing about gardening, as with most things, is it’s one thing to look at something great and which looks fabulous, but quite another to achieve it for yourself.  Espalier fruit trees look lovely, will give our garden structure without … Continue reading

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Vegetables everywhere

My colleague just saw the title of this post over my shoulder and had a go at me for being un-pc, presumably thinking I was writing about people in the office. That would be the subject of another, very depressing, … Continue reading

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