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A second floor for the treehouse

Last year I built an extension to the kids’ treehouse, more or less in the nick of time given they’re quickly outgrowing the first floor. So, here’s the starting point, when I climbed up the tree with the children on … Continue reading

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The lazy guide to gardening

It’s proving difficult to be a hands-on gardener with two young children, so we took the approach of throwing money at the problem and got someone in to make progress for us.  Having built our first deck myself, it was … Continue reading

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Using just a £5 ebay slide, floorboards snaffled from the neighbour’s skip and branches from the hawthorne, I have built a spiral staircase around our apple tree, to a platform hanging in the branches leading to a slide.  I’m exceedingly … Continue reading

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Spring is showing a disappointing reluctance to arrive, but as I’m between jobs I’ve forced myself into the freezing garden to finish the pergola.  Here it is, in all it’s glory, looking very bare and forlorn:

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Look at the state of it now

While our kids J-Z and Mr F were having dinner this evening, I took advantage of the particularly fine September weather to dash out and get some snaps of the garden.  This is partly to record how far we’ve already … Continue reading

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What to do with our trees

We have two fairly large (20 foot?) trees in the garden, towards the end: a cooking apple that is still pretty prolific and a pear that blossoms beautifully, but which can’t seem to make it through to producing more than … Continue reading

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Where we started

Anyhow, the garden I described with a lawn and beds is pretty much we inherited from the previous owner.  I’ve just realised looking through the photos taken when we bought that it actually was rather nice: boring but well tended.  Here … Continue reading

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