A treehouse for the kids

I’ve been promising the kids a treehouse for a while now.  JZ did the plans, which not only artfully represented a castle in the sky, but included a handy reckoner of the order in which to do things (“sters furst”).

She was a little underwhemled at first, as what I built is more of a crows nest than a princess castle, but nevertheless I’m suffused with pride at my creation.  Here it is:

Steps to a treehouse

The steps to the treehouse

Two children in a treehouse

MrF (delightedly) to us: “Hello down there, little children!”

Two children in a treehouse

Kings of the castle

The kids look a little like extras in a Tim Burton film, but that’s just because they’d been eating cupcakes with blue icing.  Normally their lips have a more vigorous tone.

I’m planning an upper floor in the crown of the tree now…

About charlesbodsworth

I'm a dad of two, web content professional, occasional triathlete and blog about maintaining websites and, more personally, about my growing children and garden.
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