The lazy guide to gardening

It’s proving difficult to be a hands-on gardener with two young children, so we took the approach of throwing money at the problem and got someone in to make progress for us.  Having built our first deck myself, it was a painful decision to allow someone else to do the next one.

It’s all a bit stark and shiny new at the moment, but the front garden is no longer a horrible wilderness.  Unfortunately we do have faint footprints on the approach to the front door: our lodger apparently thought the path was dry and, having set off, decided on discovering it wasn’t not to let that worry her.

Oh, and the wet concrete also sent Mr F into a spiral of despair and tears.  Much hugging and cajoling later, it became clear this was because the instruction, “You can’t walk on the path”, set him to thinking that no one would ever be able to visit us again, we having omitted to explain that concrete dries.

Continuing the foodie theme, the front garden has a dwarf cherry and three half standard currants in it.  It does look bare, so our intention is to add half standard roses, though perhaps we should consider something else edible?

Meanwhile out back, the ‘office’ is now a ‘playhouse’ complete with deck.  Before all this is a King of the Castle mound (cruelly described by others as looking like a burial mound).  The truth is, though, if I were going to bury people in the back garden (plenty of candidates) it would be under the vegetables, not the lawn.

Unfortunately the before pictures are lost, but here’s the after:

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I'm a dad of two, web content professional, occasional triathlete and blog about maintaining websites and, more personally, about my growing children and garden.
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