Good news, bad news

So, good news, spring has felt like summer and we’ve treated it accordingly: barbeques, lazy afternoons and even the paddling pool.  But, bad news: we need rain.  Our clay soil is hardened, fissured and impermeable as stone:

Hardened, cracked earth

Our lawn, not exemplary at the best of times

And more bad news: it turns out fauna is our enemy.  No longer are we celebrating the birds.  Their practical usefulness in keeping the slug population down seems a side issue when they simply tuck into our vegetables themselves.  I didn’t even know birds eat leaves…

Mr F and JZ are assiduous in the defence of our realm, but are not available to run onto the deck shouting, “No, Mr Pigeon!  Go away!” at every hour of day and night.  For myself, I’m working on this not feeling like a failure, but a learning experience: this is something we do and do again and we’ll get it righter and righter.

Oh, and as well as the birds (and they’re all at it, not just the pigeons), something is coming in and digging up our raised beds.  I suspect squirrels (coincidentally I have a new book that recommends shooting and eating them, which is all the permission I need.  For the shooting bit at least).

Anyhow, back to the good news.  We’ve got some stonking plants, boosted by the sunshine and high temperatures.  Here are a few.

Healthy dill plant

Dill plant

Not more than a few months back this looked thus.



Pak choi

Pak choi

Had some of this last night, with asparagus and a splash of soy and lemon.  Speaking of asparagus, here’s ours.  Only two years to go until first harvest:

Asparagus shoot

Asparagus shoot

Swiss chard

Swiss chard

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I'm a dad of two, web content professional, occasional triathlete and blog about maintaining websites and, more personally, about my growing children and garden.
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