Using just a £5 ebay slide, floorboards snaffled from the neighbour’s skip and branches from the hawthorne, I have built a spiral staircase around our apple tree, to a platform hanging in the branches leading to a slide.  I’m exceedingly proud of this – it’s getting on for the kind of treehouse I have in my imagination.

Steps round a tree trunk

The spiral staircase

Spiral steps round a tree

You can just about see the mulberry sapling that’s gone in, in the background of this picture.  And we’ll also put in a door next to the shed to give access to the park.

A slide fixed to a tree

Stairs, platform and slide

Unfortunately no pictures of the kids on it yet – though they have had a go and loved it.  JZ (always with an eye to the future) wants to know if the treehouse is coming soon.  I’ve said we need to plan it in drawings first, as I plan to take a breather.  Expect to see a fairy castle in the treetops sometime next year…

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I'm a dad of two, web content professional, occasional triathlete and blog about maintaining websites and, more personally, about my growing children and garden.
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1 Response to Slide

  1. the missus says:

    Just to note it looks even better in person. Real Narnia stuff!

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