Spring is coming

We’ve worn tracks in the lawn with our enthusiastic to-ing and fro-ing, getting the garden ready for spring.  The missus has shredded pretty much all of the teetering pile of branches from the pear tree, and I built a compost heap from pallets swiped from the neighbours’ skip.  All in all we are feeling pleased with our planet friendly recycling: from the tree branches we will get a wood pile for the birds, wood chips for mulching or laying a path and firewood for the wood burning stove we hanker for.

Meanwhile, spring is palpably coming to the garden.  Normally I find January and February almost unbearably gloomy: Christmas is over but the days are still short, the coldest weather is only just upon us and the next break seems a distant prospect.

Anyhow, tending a garden is proving to light up the gloom.  There is so much to do and the fact that work now will pay back severalfold is a great motivator, but more immediately you can see tiny signs of life stirring in the garden if you look close enough.  Buds are on all the woody stems and you can feel the plants straining to be off.

Quince in bud

Quince in bud

Quince in bud

Quince in bud

We’re hopeful about this one, a quince that has been unproductive since we’ve moved in.  Is it past its prime?  Needs feeding?  Just room to breathe?  We’ve given it the latter and will mulch it and see.  Not sure what one does with quinces, but fingers crossed for a crop.

Blueberry stem

Blueberry stem

Blueberry stems

Blueberry stems

The purple of the stems of this blueberry is lovely.  In fact, having stopped for a closer look today I wonder if they aren’t just as attractive as the red dogwoods I’ve planted out front to offset the white of the bay window.  Perhaps a row of blueberries would do the job just as well, while also delivering fruit.  If we get away with the ornamental edible garden thing, then the dogwoods might just be turfed out in future…

And finally, the practical work.  My first compost heap:

Compost heap made from pallets

Compost heap

And pile of branches, from this:

Pile of branches

Pile of branches

To this:

Bare earth

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I'm a dad of two, web content professional, occasional triathlete and blog about maintaining websites and, more personally, about my growing children and garden.
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