After the thaw

The snow which blanketed London for a fortnight has gone, along with our parade of Christmas guests.  Mr F and JZ took granny and their mum to see the Snowman, giving me the first chance in a long time to survey the garden.

On the whole, not a pretty sight: the ground saturated from snowmelt and many of our crops finished off by the freezing temperatures, itself on the heals of the earlier onslaught of the pigeons.  So, first of all, the losers:

A wilting dill plant

A defrosted dill plant

Near dead pak choi

Once were pak choi

Dying swiss chard

Bye bye swiss chard

The climate change naysayers are out in force now we’re into our second unbelievably cold winter.  If they are to be believed then we’re entering a mini ice age – and even according to some more sophisticated analyses the cold winters are set to continue in parallel with more general warming.  I muse on this only because of its impact on our ability to grow winter veg.  Clearly pak choi and swiss chard cannot withstand snow settling on them for any extended period.

On the other hand, our lambs lettuce has done a bit of a star turn:

Lambs lettuce

Strong as a lion

And there’s other kinds of winter veg, the sort that gestate, waiting for spring, like our fabulous emerging garlic:

Garlic shoot

Garlic shoot

Unfortunately its sibling plants have all been attacked by an unkown predator.  Birds again? –  I guess we just have to net everything until it’s robust enough to withstand pecking.

A couple of other things I liked:

Water drop on a bare twig

A mossy branch

Muddy boots

These were a Christmas present and therefore are worth celebrating.

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I'm a dad of two, web content professional, occasional triathlete and blog about maintaining websites and, more personally, about my growing children and garden.
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