Here comes the sun

While waiting for our new trees to arrive I’ve been wondering a lot about the aspect of our garden -basically trying to make it not be north facing through the power of wishful thinking.  This lead me to go messing about online, which lead me to an amazing Google map mashup which allows you to see the trajectory of the sun across any point on a Google map on any given day of the year.

I conclude from this that we’re north-north-west facing.  Not ideal really, but you can see from the map that by the end of April the fence where I’m thinking of putting the espalier trees will get sunshine from at least the early afternoon, and should soak it up as the sun moves to set and gets lower in the sky, with the fence behind to keep them warm.  It’s an, erm, west-south-west facing fence, and according to the Times ‘west is best’.

Not much has happened in the garden recently, at least not by my agency, though we did get some local gardeners in for half a day to clear up and remove some huge shrubs.  It seems difficult to achieve these things with small children – Mr F and electric power tools don’t mix – so it was much easier to get on with work ourselves on Sunday having had the inital boost.

The circular lawn is now more or less marked out, though too late to seed it now I reckon.  JZ helped me sow Hungarian rye grass on the newly dug beds.  If this takes it should fix nitrogen and we’ll dig it back in in spring.

Meanwhile we’ve had a fox or cat (though I’ve not seen many cats round here, apart from the dead one we found on our doorstep one morning – which then festered in the bin for nearly a fortnight during a heatwave, before I extracted it and drove it at top speed with all the windows down, to the tip for an indecent burial).  Whatever it is, a creature has dug a huge hole in one of our new beds. These are already adorned with tiny holes where the bloomin squirrels have been hiding acorns.  This is the downside of living behind a park full of gigantic oaks.  They are entertaining to watch and it’s nice for the kids to see them, but now I hate them, with their long tails and stupid twitchy noses.


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I'm a dad of two, web content professional, occasional triathlete and blog about maintaining websites and, more personally, about my growing children and garden.
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