Our first plants go in

Mr F and JZ spent much of the day with their nana and pop, meaning the missus and myself were able to dash out to Finchley Nurseries garden centre and then to get some plants into the ground.


Artichoke plant



It really felt good to finally see something going in.  We’re not really doing it the proper way yet, I suppose – you know, growing from seed, or cuttings.  All in all the plug plants were pretty expensive, but for now it’s an experiment.  We’re not even sure if the garden (being north-west facing) will get enough sunlight in winter to give us some crops.  But am crossing fingers, because if it works this could keep us in salad and green veg.


Lamb's lettuce

Lamb's lettuce


And here are the raised beds in all their nascent promise.  We’ve added gooseberries and artichokes as centrepieces on four of them.  I’ve read this evening that to get gooseberries into a trained bush shape you need them grafted onto a long trunk, so not sure how effective it will be to just try to achieve the same through pruning.  It may not work, in which case I’ll have learnt something.


Planted raised beds

Planted raised beds


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