Look at the state of it now

While our kids J-Z and Mr F were having dinner this evening, I took advantage of the particularly fine September weather to dash out and get some snaps of the garden.  This is partly to record how far we’ve already come since the pics in the last post: kitchen extension; raised deck outside the dining room; swing; assorted kids clutter; home office at the foot of the garden; and a general running to seed of the whole place.

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But also it is to record our first decisive intervention: the building of a fan of raised potager beds.  These, it has been remarked, look a lot like an open-coffin-shallow-grave hybrid and thus give the garden a certain chilling serial killer look.

Raised vegetable beds

Raised beds, still empty

Raised vegetable beds

Rest of them

On the plan they look like a lovely sunburst , radiating from a circular lawn.  At the centre of the lawn would be our varpa, a large metal cooking vessel we bought on our honeymoon in India.  But in reality they look pretty ropey, don’t you think?  I’m telling myself that when other elements are in place (the elegant sweep of an arbour behind, bountiful and glossy veg within, and a sweep of lawn teaming with bulbs before) they will look stunning.

But right now I’m not really believing me.  I just have to plough on as they were so hard to build.  Add to that the fact I’m stubborn.  (I once sanded and varnished the stairs of my flat, despite 50 odd years of carpet nails embeded in the knackered wood, pretty much because of a friend’s throwaway comment to the effect that it was impossible.  They came out looking good, so here’s to stubbornness.)

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I'm a dad of two, web content professional, occasional triathlete and blog about maintaining websites and, more personally, about my growing children and garden.
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