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What’s the point of growing veg?

Really, what is the point?  In the past we’ve loved and nurtured tomatoes through months, only for them to fail to ripen. I don’t like growing tomatoes, let me establish right now.  We keep growing them because people keep giving … Continue reading

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Look at the state of it now

While our kids J-Z and Mr F were having dinner this evening, I took advantage of the particularly fine September weather to dash out and get some snaps of the garden.  This is partly to record how far we’ve already … Continue reading

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What to do with our trees

We have two fairly large (20 foot?) trees in the garden, towards the end: a cooking apple that is still pretty prolific and a pear that blossoms beautifully, but which can’t seem to make it through to producing more than … Continue reading

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Vegetables everywhere

My colleague just saw the title of this post over my shoulder and had a go at me for being un-pc, presumably thinking I was writing about people in the office. That would be the subject of another, very depressing, … Continue reading

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Where we started

Anyhow, the garden I described with a lawn and beds is pretty much we inherited from the previous owner.  I’ve just realised looking through the photos taken when we bought that it actually was rather nice: boring but well tended.  Here … Continue reading

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What kind of garden do we want?

So, our first thoughts for the garden, guided by the wisdom of gardening books, was that we should have a lawn, with beds alongside, an area for the kids to play in and an area for growing vegetables. But we’ve … Continue reading

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